Elderslie Hypnotherapy

Working with young people

Do you know a young person who needs a little help to manage some things in their life?

My particular interest in working with children and young adults stems from my experience teaching and supporting young people with learning , emotional and social issues. During my time in Further Education I had the opportunity to train as a facilitator with the Pacific Institute delivering the PX2 programme designed to build self esteem, develop confidence and improve attainment in young adults of all abilities socially, academically and in the area of sport.

It was this experience as a facilitator which opened my eyes to the power our subconscious mind has over how we think and behave and how we can learn to change the way we think and see our world !

Granting a little bit of power goes a long way with young people. It teaches them that even though they cannot control a lot in their lives they can control how they feel in any given situation. This has the potential to change everything. I believe that this lack of control that young people feel contributes to much anxiety in their lives. This anxiety is a direct response to the need for certainty in an unpredictable world.

So much of what I do with my grown up clients as well is help them make friends with uncertainty.

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